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AppPowerGroup, Inc. is a multi-media publisher and designer of apps for mobile devices that empower users as well as providing them with fun & entertaining experiences.

What is this app ?


Love Shopping List®  is a true love calculator and a digital black book. LSL@ empowers everyone with the tools to analyze the compatibility of their previous or current relationships.



How do you know when you are in a good relationship?

“LSL® is about helping people acquire the knowledge and skills to make their own informed decisions about relationships, while having fun. ”

What are the platforms ?


The Love Shopping List® App for iPhone and iPad is available now in the iTunes Store. Download it by clicking or tapping the icon above. The Android version as well as SoPoll® and other cool products are coming soon.

Chat with Dr. Andrew

Dr. Andrew is a clinical psychologist, author, and speaker who lectures nationally/internationally on various topics including relationships, parenting, behavioral management, learning disabilities, and sports psychology. He is the creator of the Love Shopping List® mobile app and author of Love Shopping List® : Unlock The Secret The Secret to Your Soulmate™ now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and local book stores worldwide.

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