Love Shopping List® – The Relationship App™


Question: How is LSL® different than a dating service or dating site?

Answer: Love Shopping List® is the True Love Calculator. It allows you to Unlock the Secret to Your Soulmate™.  Its features complement any dating site by empowering anyone with a tool to analyze and score their relationships past or present. Its the one tool you can take with you on your date.

Question: Why is it called Love Shopping List®?

Answer: The app allows anyone to create a personalized shopping list of characteristics that they are looking for in their “Soulmate” and then run a comparison to anyone that they are in a relationship with or dating.

Question: Why do I need to choose all fifteen characteristics?

Answer: Fifteen was found to be thorough enough to produce highly reliable results, but was not too many so that the task was overwhelming. You will need all fifteen in order to score the individual, but you don’t need to classify them all at once. As you learn more about the person, you can go back and evaluate him/her for that particular characteristic.

Question: What is the Category Cloud?

Answer: The LSL® Category Cloud is graphical suggestion tool that offers hundreds of characteristics to assist in building your list.

Question: How do I protect my information?

Answer: We suggest you Enable LSL® Passcode in the “Settings” to protect your information. Although we strongly suggest you do so, you may opt not to. You can always decide to implement a password later or change your password at any time. Your account information is safely backed up in the Cloud.

Question: How do I get an LSL® cloud account?

Answer: As part of the premium upgrade everyone receives a free cloud account with unlimited storage. Backing up your data is not required but is highly recommended. This will protect your data entered in the event of a lost or damaged device or when it is time to upgrade.

Question: Can I store multiple comparisons?

Answer: Upgrading to the premium version of LSL® allows the storage of multiple comparisons and gives access to the Connections screen. After the upgrade, the app functions as a Digital Black Book allowing linking of a comparison record to your phone’s contact record. This allows a user to rate a person, sort by score, and then be able to text, email, dial, or map their address direct from the LSL® app.

Question: Can I use or copy a friend’s list?

Answer: No matter how close you are with someone else, your list will probably be different. Using another person’s list would be like sending a friend to try on a pair of shoes for you in a store. It will never be an exact match until you do it yourself. Your friends may have great ideas you would like to incorporate into your list, and that is why you can change your Love Shopping List® at any time.

Question: What if I don’t know the person well enough to determine if they have one of the characteristics I want?

Answer: You will be able to compare them to your list as soon as you have complete information.

Question: What if I change my mind about the characteristics that are important to me?

Answer: We actually encourage people to continue to review their list of characteristics and the priority of the list. The more thought you put into the program, the more beneficial it will be to you. You can change some or all of your desired characteristics and the list priority at any time and numerous times. Obviously, each person on your list will have to be rescored based on your new criteria, but LSL® will do that for you. Because relationships are such an integral part of being happy, we urge all users to give a lot of thought to the process.

Question: What if I am not in a regular or traditional relationship?

Answer: Love Shopping List® will work in evaluating any relationship. Relationships are between people, and the system does not distinguish by race, creed, color, sex, sexual preference, or any other basis. Those choices are yours and yours alone. That is the reason for carefully choosing the characteristics you really want.

Question: Is it possible to rate my friendships?

Answer: Love Shopping List® will work in evaluating any relationship, You may want to create a separate list of characteristics for friendships as the characteristics of what we look for in a friendship differs from a romantic relationship.

Question: What if I still need help deciding about my relationship?

Answer: LSL® has been created as entertainment to assist you in gathering information about your relationships. If you are still having difficulty deciding, it is best to seek advice from a qualified health care professional. LSL® should not be used as a replacement for relationship counseling or couples therapy. You should consult your health care provider if you believe you have or suspect you may have a serious relationship problem. LSL® encourages you to make your own decisions. LSL® should not be used to make any type of diagnosis or healthcare recommendation either about you or another person.